Susan has been with The Pilates Room almost from the beginning. With a background as an Aerobics Owner & Instructor turned AFAA Personal Trainer, & certified Reebok cycling Instructor, Susan continued her to expand her knowledge on the cutting edge of the Pilates trend. Susan is certified in Mat-work, Tower, Chair , & Reformer by PHI in Pittsburgh & Mark Trudeau of Quantum Fitness. Susan’s classes have a unique energy that combines the true workout of Pilates with the compliment of Personal Training approach & pace of an aerobic class. Her most recent obsession is the Ballet Barre. She has created her own blend named BarrAtone which again is composed all of her backgrounds. She is a Mom of three and enjoys playing golf, and spending time with her family at her Easton, Md getaway.


Christin began her ballet training at the age of five in Salt Lake City, Utah and embarked upon her path toward a dance career with the Ballet West Academy at the University of Utah at age 10. She also participated in summer programs at the New Zealand School of Dance, the Hong Kong International Summer Dance School, Jacob’s Pillow and the Berlin State Ballet. Christin continued her studies at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C.. Upon graduation from the Kirov Academy in 2002 she joined the Universal Ballet in Seoul, Korea. Throughout her training and career as a professional ballet dancer she has studied Pilates, Yoga, and GYROTONIC® She is now a certified GYROTONIC® and Pilates instructor.
While working on an organic farm in the Hudson Valley, NY, Kari was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She ended her six year organic farming career returned to college. Kari graduated from Bard College with a BA in Art in 2003. While at Bard, she also studied modern dance and found Pilates. Convinced Pilates boosted her healing from Lyme disease, she pursued a Pilates certification through Power Pilates In New York City in 2003. Because of the effects of the Gyrotonic Expansion System® on her Aunt living with Parkison’s Disease Kari furthered her training in 2003 with completed her certification with Magali Messac at Gyrotonic® Seattle. In 2010 she trained with Mia Munroe and is a current Gyrokinesis® apprentice.


Christina “Chrissy” Hritz, a former dancer and lifelong mover, first discovered the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercise techniques in 2005. Since then she has worked with a wide range of clients, having witnessed healing and transformation, pain reduction and prevention, and the freedom through movement that GYROTONIC® exercise can provide. Chrissy is a certified Pilates Instructor, Gyrokinesis® Pre-trainer, Gyrotonic® Master Trainer and Physical Therpay Aide.

Judi specializes in teaching yoga to children with special needs. Judi uses her extensive experience and training to encourage children to discover that yoga provides them with a safe and supportive environment. Judi is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association.

Janine began her apprenticeship style training 20 years ago in Singapore where she studied under posture expert Ivana Daniell, Life in Movement.
She furthered her training under the supervision of physical therapists associated with Matilda Hospital Rehab clinic Central, Hong Kong.
Upon returning to the States, Janine chose Polestar Pilates Education (Brent Anderson PHD, PT, OCS) for her Pilates certification.  Secondary Pilates training was through PHI Pilates (Christine Romani-Ruby PT). 
Janine established The Pilates Room (1st in McLean) in 2002.  In 2005 a combination of escaping studio management and her curious nature to continue to learn, under the advice of her origianl mentor Ivana, she discovered the GYROTONIC® Method. Originally trained under Justine Bernard DP DPT, Janine is a level 2 Gyrotonic Trainer. Janine is the wife of a restauranteur, a baseball Mom, a small business owner, and dedicated, nurturing teacher. Juggling is her specialty.


Fali is an accomplished and passionate physical fitness educator and instructor for 25 years. She has a plethora of experience which includes: Mat Pilates, Reformer, Chair, Tower, Barrel from Balanced Body, Centered Being and Core Dynamics Pilates, & Barre.
Fali loves to dance and teaches Belly, Salsa, and Meringue Dance, Zumba, Step, Kickboxing, Free Weights,
Cardio, & Water Aerobics.


Sarah is a California native, an impulsive lover of life, and a travel junkie who describes herself as a “city girl at heart with a beach bum soul.” She brings 14 years of dedicated practice, warmth, and lightheartedness to each of her classes.  She strongly believes in the mind-body-breath connection, and the body's remarkable ability to heal itself. Her main focus is to  provide individuals with the encouragement, knowledge, and drive to transform and maintain a strong and supple body.  Expect a challenging, healing, and playful class set to fun, upbeat music.

In addition to teaching yoga & pilates, Sarah is a somatic life coach. Translation: Her work is based on the fact that the body stores everything - trauma, memories, emotions, etc, and uses her expertise within the mind/body field to guide you toward a deeper understanding of the body’s signals, while clearing blockages; leading you to easily live a more empowered and joy filled life. She leads workshops and retreats worldwide.

After years of dedication to her yoga practice, Claire completed her teaching certification in Boulder. Mixing yoga, Barre exercises, and other fitness hobbies inspire her to teach a fun, vinyasa-style class. As a teacher and yogi, Claire strives to find balance between challenge and restoration.

About us

The variety and style of classes offered at the Pilates Room is unlike most places. All major pieces of apparatus are offered in a group environment -

the Reformer, Tower and Chair - so the variety is endless. Very intimate, very personalized, and always changing to keep the mind fresh and the body challenged. The Team at The Pilates Room consists of a unique blend of Pilates Instructors from all different trainings such as Polestar, PHI Institute, Power Pilates, Core Dynamics & the GYROTONIC Method®. They are all trained in Matwork, Reformer, Tower, and the Chair. A Combined 35 years of experience amongst the professionals @ TPR; coming from a variety of backgrounds; they are passionate and dedicated to the safety and well being of their clients.