"Straight from You" We LOVE to Hear Positive Feedback - It only makes us work harder :)


"I am currently in a program to become a pilates instructor; however, even though I was a student, there was still so much about pilates I did not understand. When I started taking classes at The Pilates Room, it was like everything clicked and I finally understood what was happening in my body when I was doing pilates. The instructors at The Pilates Room are very technical, and this is what really makes them stand out. Pilates is all about precise, controlled movement, and if your alignment is slightly off, you miss out on the full benefit of the exercise. The instructors at The Pilates Room ensure you are getting the most out of every class you take. You will be challenged both physically and mentally, as you learn more about the method and how to become more in tune with your own body.  All pilates instructors are not created equal.  The level of workout you get is highly dependent on the skill level and knowledge base of the teacher, and The Pilates Room delivers every time." Kristi

I have been coming to the  Pilates room  almost since it  opened in 2002. I was looking for a studio and had tried 3 other ones in VA and MD.   While all of the other exercise disciplines and studios I tried came and went, I stuck with Pilates at The PIlates Room.  Janine and her top knotch staff provide something that keeps me coming - an effective, engaging workout delivered in a positive nourishing environment by well trained committed teachers.
It never ceases to amaze me that Janine can remember my individual physical concerns and limitations, ditto for everyone she teaches.  Even in a group class setting, Janine can modify an exercise or offer an alternative to make sure that her clients get a great workout safely.  
She and the other teaches keep abreast of the latest exercise research and modify the routines accordingly.  
The staff is knowledgeable about a variety of other body-related disciplines and interventions and suggest those as appropriate. 
It helps that the facility is comfortable, the music is great and the clients are friendly!  The Pilates Room feels like a second home to me; I always look forward to going and leave class feeling a sense of accomplishment and having gained strength and flexibility.  Pilates is a great discipline to have in the "movement" area of personal health and wellness and The Pilates Room is a great place to experience it.  
I know that I am in good hands at the studio and you can be too!

"Pilates Room fits all – Small personalized classes with a good variety of skilled trainers result in good workouts and excellent results. Scheduling very flexible." Jklutz

"It has a great atmosphere here and the teachers were extremely helpful for a beginner like me. They constantly had adjustments that made the workouts easier or harder and could always tell what I needed without me even asking." Alan N

"I love this place! The owner, Janine, is knowledgeable, kind, and an excellent instructor. The place is calm, soothing, and friendly. There is not only Pilates but Yoga, Gyrotonics, Spinning, massage, and an esthetician. Each person that works there is an expert in their field, including Janine!" Ellen

"I've been coming to this pilates studio since around January 2011, and it is one of my favorites.  The teachers are very good, and very prompt.  The class schedule is great, with early morning and early evening classes along with Saturday morning classes.   I feel stronger and more agile due to the classes, and it's a good workout.  They have been in this location for awhile, and they've clearly put a lot of thought into their supplies - for example, today I forgot something to pull my hair back with, and of course Janine had ponytail holders in the bathroom.  From hot tea and water, showers with towels, etc. they have supplied some nice extra touches". Heather R

"Remarkable contrast in muscles worked on my typical run, hike, bike routine.  Excellent workout for core and stretching both of which I have neglected over the years.  Counting on it to keep me flexible forever." Wes

"Saved my Back. I can move like a normal human being. Wonderful!" Lorna

"It gave me Stomach muscles!" Karina

"Pilates has improved my posture. I am now always aware of how I stand and hold myself. It has given me better sense of Well Being and improved my Bone Density scan!"

Susan - "GREAT Class!
You are terrific!"
Your teachers pet - Sara Reges

"I have tried both Pilates mat and Reformer. I must say that after doing Pilates on the Reformer, I really saw a difference in my body. Pilates has truly reshaped my body, especially my stomach, thighs, butt, arms and back. I feel so much better and my Doctor loves that I am doing weightbearing exercise. The Pilates Room actually makes exercise fun. By varying the routine of the classes, you never get bored. Actually, the classes are so fun, that they have become a social part of my week! I've reshaped my body, straightened my posture and strengthened my body all while making friends and laughing my way through class. Miss a Pilates Class ...
NO WAY!" Sally Marvin