Tina has been a massage therapist for 13 years. She was trained at Potomac Massage Training Institute. She had completed two years of extensive training in Oncology Massage and Hospital Massage.In addition to seeing clients @ The Pilates Room, she has a private massage practice in McLean.

She has worked as the Inpatient Massage Therapist at
Virginia Hospital Center, Georgetown Hospital, and Capital Caring Hospice. Tina is also a fulltime artist and has a 35 year medical transcription business.

Swedish, Deep Tissue Connective Tiisue, Prenatal/Postnatal/Fertility, Oncology, Medical/Hospital,

End-of-Life/Hospice, Reiki

Mark, a masseur with over 25,000 sessions in his 40 years of experience is available for bookings @ The Pilates Room. Mark’s formal training is from The Baltimore School of Massage (1991-92) with over 500 hours of Swedish, Deep Tissue and myofascial massage.

     A member of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) nationally certified in Therapeutic massage and Bodywork since 1991 with an additional 60 hours of Sports Massage training. He works with runners and cyclists who compete anywhere up to 100 miles, in triathlons & the weekend warriors.

     He does and has worked in Chiropractic centers, health clubs,

yoga studios, the Pentagon (Officers Athletic Center) & Fort McNair.

    His experience ranges with clients from 6 to 90 years of age, with injuries, just want to perform/ recover better, & are in intensive care units in hospitals or confined to home.

     Mark’s style of massage is interactive, and very unique.