If what you seek is peace and kindness—along with hard work and great results, then this is your special studio.

The Pilates Room is the real deal:

superior instructors who know their stuff,

fine equipment for Gyrotonic and Pilates

(and aerial yoga, too, if that’s your thing).

This is not a pretentious place in any way.

Come as you are. You’ll fit right in.

And probably change your life. Cindy


My massage was the best I've ever had. 

Can't say enough about it. It felt amazing and truly relieved so much pressure and anxiety.  I highly recommend Mark.

Pilates had changed me from being disabled to very able.  Thank you for persistent, kind, gentle instruction through many adversities

I began seeing Janine after my son was born about 5 years ago. I had complications that caused a pelvic floor prolapse. Doctors told me to strengthen my pelvic floor, but noone was able to effectively explain how to do this.......

until I started seeing Janine.

She spent many long hours training me to breathe correctly. It did finally click & I have not had symptoms in years. 

I used to do heavy weight training and was used to tensing everything in my body at all times. 

After starting Pilates, I finally learned about proper alignement and how to let my muscles do the work they were intended to. 

Pilates and Gyrotonic help reduce my paon significantly. 

Mark is absolutely amazing. I have been seeing him for years and I would never think of seeing another massage therapist. He's always able to find that problem spot and I can never figure how he does it.

He keeps me running.